October 31, 2023

Introducing Ledger Recover: Secure Backup for Crypto Wallets

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One of the biggest crypto hardware wallet providers, Ledger, is launching a new service called Ledger Recover. This service is designed to provide users with a backup of their secret recovery phrase, which is crucial for restoring access to crypto wallets in case the hardware device is lost or damaged.

Introducing Ledger Recover: Secure Backup for Crypto Wallets

The Importance of the Secret Recovery Phrase

The secret recovery phrase is a vital component of crypto wallets as it allows users to regain access to their funds. Without the recovery phrase, users risk losing their assets permanently. Ledger Recover aims to address this concern by offering a secure and reliable solution for recovering lost seed phrases.

How Ledger Recover Works

Ledger Recover is an ID-based key recovery service that enables users to securely restore their private keys using a Ledger device. If you lose or don't have access to your Secret Recovery Phrase, this service allows you to recover your funds without compromising security.

Addressing Privacy Concerns

Privacy advocates have raised concerns about the potential risks associated with using Ledger Recover. They argue that by using this service, users may expose themselves to the seizure of funds if Ledger collaborates with other storage providers. However, Ledger emphasizes that the subscription to Ledger Recover is optional, giving users the choice to decide whether to utilize this service.

Ensuring Security and Resilience

Ledger's Chief Technology Officer, Charles Guillemet, highlights that Ledger Recover is specifically designed for users who prioritize the security and resilience of their Secret Recovery Phrase. By offering an enhanced layer of protection, Ledger aims to address the concerns that may discourage users from utilizing hardware wallets and opting for less secure alternatives.


Ledger Recover provides a valuable backup solution for crypto wallet users. By offering a secure and reliable method for recovering lost seed phrases, Ledger aims to ensure that users can regain access to their funds even in the event of a hardware device loss or damage. While privacy concerns have been raised, Ledger emphasizes that the subscription to Ledger Recover is optional, allowing users to make an informed decision based on their individual needs and preferences.

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